The Alliance provides group courses for beginners to advanced level (A1-A2 ; B1-B2 ; C1-C2). Designed to develop or enhance the spoken and written French, these courses are organized over a period of 11 weeks with 2 to 3 hours a week. Groups won't exceed 8 people.

A registration fee of $20 is kept for any cancellation done before the second week of the session. 

A1 price is $21/hour ($499 per session) / A2 price is $21/hour ($499 per session)

B1price is $21/hour ($336 per session) / B2 price is $21/hour ($336 per session)

Literature price is $25/hour ($300 per session)


We also have private lessons with an individualized special focus. Private classes can also be combined with group classes to strengthen specific skills. Our teachers adapt to each student's needs, level and interests.

Price is $260 for 4 hours minimum paid in advanced or $600 for 10 hours paid in advanced.

TEST PREP TUTORING for DELF-DALF, SAT II French and AP French: $700 for 10 hours paid in advanced

You need to contact the Alliance to schedule your private classes :


We offer semi-private classes designed for 2 people. 

Price is $70 an hour for 2 students.

You need to contact the Alliance to schedule your semi-private classes :

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